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Hodges Genealogy
The online meeting place for the Hodges family.


If you are a Hodges or are married to or related to one please register and join right in. Please make a blog post telling us what your Hodges line is as best you can so we will know who we are talking too.
Use the site to keep in touch with all the Hodges family no matter where they may be located. Upload photos, post blogs and leave messages for each other or everyone.

If you have any genealogy information, please share. Wills, bibles, trees, marriages etc.

Looking for father of Thomas Hodges

Looking for ancestry information on a Thomas Hodges married to Amminda Cogburn and who sired my great-great grandfather, Frances Marion Hodges (b 12-14-1855), their only child. All we know is that he came from England, but no one knows when or from where. Frances Marion Hodges married Lucy Ann Elizabeth Hodges (born Nunnally, Jan 18 1856) and they sired 5 children --

Nora Lucy Pauline Hodges
July 19 1877

Lamar T. Hodges
Aug 25 1879

Marion P Hodges
Mar 10 1883

Jody Young Hodges
Mar 23 1886

Dell Longino (born Hodges)
Jan 19 1894

thanks, Alliene Hairston Turner
admin of

Hodges in Kentucky

There is a small family plot on my farm in Central Kentucky. The area has almost been reclaimed by nature. Most of the stones are marked by rocks but one is a commercial stone. It is inscribed Philp A(I believe A) Hodges, April 7 1856-Mar 17 1864, son of MM and J Hodges. I'm sure the parents are Morton M and Jane Hodnet Hodges, with Morton being the son of Fleming Hodges and Elizabeth Powell. Unfortunately, I also believe the 1860 Census is inaccurately transcribed as "Ross" rather than "Philip". I would love any information on what may be a Hodge family cemetery, and any methods to determine who else may be buried there. Old maps of the county show a number of Hodges and Heaths (inaccurately transcribed as Hotts) in the general area. I also know that some of the Heath's and Hodges married and moved to Colorado. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Hodges Family in Old Ford (Washington), Beaufort County, NC

I am a descendant of James Hodges (B. 1764 d. 1816) married to Charity Judkins ( B. 1769 d. 1820) from Beaufort County, NC
-John Hodges (B. 1793 d. 1880) married to Sally Perry (B. 1799 d. 1880) from Beaufort County, NC
--Francis Perry Hodges (B. 1818 d. 1893) married to Marion Roberson (B. 1828 d. 1880) from Beaufort County, NC
---Benjamin Roberson Hodges (B. 1846 d. 1920) married to Mary Francis Williams (B. 1847 d, 1916) from Beaufort County, NC
----Joseph Bainbridge Hodges (B. 1883 d. 1940) married to Maude Roberson (B. 1889 d. 1976) from Beaufort County, NC
-----Percy Taylor Hodges Sr. (B. 1907 d. 1953) married to Selma Whitaker (B. 1915 d. 2001) from Beaufort County, NC, lived in Norfolk, Va.
------Percy Taylor Hodges Jr. (B. 1931 d. 2010) from Beaufort County, NC married to Mildred Ray Boggs (B. 1932 d. 1976) from McDowell County, West Virginia. Lived in Norfolk, Va.

James T. Hodges

James T. Hodges is my great grand father. He was born in Alabama in 1827 and died in Nacogdoches, Texas in 1905. He married Mary Ann Crenshaw in 1848. I would very much like any information anyone has on his parents and/or siblings.

William Hodges b. circa 1810 d. circa after 1915

This is my family tree:
Thomas Hodges m. Elizabeth Cottrell(1) Nancy Norris(2)
William Hodges, Sr. m. Mary Sarah Mullins
William Hodges, Jr. m. Sarah Jane Morris
Mary Margaret Hodges m. William Sloan
Florence Sloan m. Stephen Paton Smith, Jr.
Hattie Mae Smith m. Jack Schaefer (1) Floyd Arthur Hunter (2)
Fannanell Hunter m. Robert Lee Hatfield, Jr.
Jennifer Ann Hatfield

I am looking for information on my 3 great grandfather, William Hodges, Jr. So many stories are out there about why he stayed in North Carolina and his wife, Sarah Jane Morris, left the state with all of their children which included Mary Margaret and William's brother John Hodges, who married her sister Frances "Fanny" Morris.

My Double Hodges Tree-(John W. Hodges, 1620-1697 and Isham Hodges, 1763-1839)

I actually have two different Hodges lines. The one on my mother’s side of the family has been traced back to John W. Hodges (Hodges) 1620-1697. The line on my father’s side begins with him, Russell Dee Hodges 1929-1985, and has been traced back to Isham Hodges, 1763-1839. Hopefully, I can find some relatives with more information!

Hodges - Wm. H. "Buck" Hodges in Surry County, NC


I am descended from Wm. H. "Buck" Hodges b 1799 d 1892/3 who married Dorcas Cunningham b 1789 d 1848. Is anyone working on this line?

Bill Cole

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