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Hodges Genealogy


My Hodges Geneology

I'll start with my Name: Carrie Lee Koehler--born Carrie Lee Neaville along with twin sister Terry Lee Neaville, we were born  Jan.5,1956 and adopted by family Helen Caydene Herzog, her mother Bonnie Izora Hodges and my Grandmother Lonnie Victoria Hodges were twins as well, that makes Claydene and us cousins. Lonnie my grandmother married a Neaville. Lonnie and Bonnie were born in 1904 Beaver or Forgan Oklahoma, I'm trying to locate any Native American Ancestry on the Hodges side,  as we were told at a young age that we were  1/4 but as stories go we' re not sure if this is on our Fathers side or our Mothers side.  I know the Hodges side has some Choctaw, but don't know if any is a direct linage.  Any help would be very much appreciated.

My Hodges Lineage

My Hodges are from east Tn

Grandfather Buren Hodges

G Grandfather Jenkins

GG Grandfather Welcome

Jenkins moved to Logan Co Kentucky around 1860

My father was born in Adairsville Ky in 1891

My Hodges lineage

  I am related to Hodges from my paternal and maternal side, though will list only the maternal side here.  And on the maternal side, both grandparents are Hodges, so I will list both.


Roland Hodges (1810 - ?)

John W. Hodges (1868-1938)  

Walker L. Hodges (1899-1957)

Ruby Hodges (1927-2005)        

Bobby Hunt                              


Robert Hodges (1704-1771)

Isham Hodges (1730-1782)

William Hodges (1754-1817)

John Hodges (1766-?)

Peyton Hodges (1784-1876)

Caleb Hodges (1812-1890)

Joseph W. Hodges (1852-?)

John R. Hodges (1874-1949)

Nannie C. Hodges (1903-1994)

Ruby Hodges (1927-2005)

Bobby Hunt


Arvin M. Hodges (1929-2010)

Son of Joseph and Lexie Lee Roberts Hodges.

Arvin Hodges of Dothan, died Saturday, January 9, 2010 at his residence. He was 80. Funeral services will be held at 2 P.M. Tuesday, January 12, 2010, at the Ward Wilson Funeral Home Chapel. Burial will follow in Gardens of Memory Cemetery under the direction of Ward Wilson Funeral Home.

Dorothy Hodges McClard, Irene McClard Hodges and Charlene McClard Cash

Circa 1954. Left to right;

Charlene McClard Cash, Dorothy Hodges McClard and Irene McClard Hodges


hey my name is samantha. i was born in mccormick south carolina. i am the daughter or jody hodges. the grand daughter of james william hodges jr and the great grand daughter of benjamin franklin hodges sr. i need to know my great great grandfather and mothers names. i do know i have family in abbyville south carolina. and i have a female aunt of full cherokee blood. i believe she was alive in the early 1800s. on the tree above my grand father no siblings and dates are known. can anyone help?????

Marcus A. Hodges Sumner county, Tennessee

I am looking for anyone that has information on Marcus A. Hodges. The only information I have is that he was married to Elizabeth(Marcus). They had one son, Isham E. Hodges born July 30, 1840. Marcus's second wife was Susan Hodges. They had 9 children.  Please contact me if you have any further information. 

W. B. and Clara Hodges Wetsel


At the time of his death in 1982, W. B. (Dub) Wetsel (born 1899) was the oldest native-born resident of Sweetwater.  “Dub” spent most of his early life in the saddle on the Barron Ranch in Fisher County and developed a lifelong love for ranching and rodeos.  He wore only shop-made boots for 67 years and was one of the first participants in the Stamford Cowboy contests.  The ranch world in which W. B. grew up was in many ways that of the 19th century.  Toward the end of his life, when asked to name the biggest change he had seen in a lifetime, he replied without hesitation:  “barbed wire”.
At the Hodges ranch on Christmas Day in 1919, W. B. married Clara Hodges (born 1901), daughter of George Palmer (1879-1939) and Lula Cranston Hodges (1881-1905).  Mr. Hodges had left Cotton Valley, Louisiana, in 1888 with his father, Alex, settled in Jones County and bought land in Fisher County in the 1890’s.  Clara’s mother, Lula, was the daughter of Jones County rancher, William David Cranston, who emigrated as a boy of eight to Pennsylvania from Scotland.  He brought the first registered Hereford cattle to West Texas from Missouri.  The herd was purchased by the Largent Ranch at the time of his death in 1907.
His daughter, Lula, had died in 1906, leaving two children:  Clara and Cranston (1903-1940).  In 1908, Palmer Hodges married Rachel Lambert Murray.  Their three daughters, Rachel, Hazel and M. E., grew up with Clara on the Hodges Ranch.  Mr. Hodges, long remembered for sharing his automobile, the first in the area, with neighbors in need, installed telephone lines from his ranch to Roby, Rotan and Sweetwater.  He organized an annual rabbit drive, furnishing bar-b-que and ammunition to hunters from Sweetwater and Fisher County.

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