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Hodges Genealogy
The online meeting place for the Hodges family.

Jesse M Hodges

I am working on my husband's family tree and have hit a road block. While there is another relative searching we have started to do the DNA testing and sadly the only names that came back were Crow and her husband and my husband.

But the family story goes that Jessie and his brother and sister where orphaned at Iron City Tenn. The taken to relatives in MO or Ark.

So I am attaching what we have so far and if any of you can help I would greatly appreciate it.

Descendants of E. Hodges

1 E. Hodges 1805 - 1834
.. +(Wife Of ? E. Hodges) Qualls 1810 - 1834
........ 2 Jessie M. Hodges 1830 - 1910
............ +Nancy D. Hensley 1825 - 1898
................... 3 William Presley Hodges 1857 - 1936
....................... +Mary Lucretia Taylor 1867 - 1921
............................. 4 Frank Goldman Hodges 1884 - 1982
................................. +Clara Agnes Arnold 1888 - 1964
........ 2 Emaline Hodges 1832 - Unknown

Hodges descendants in the South

I m looking for information on the paternal side of my family tree. Ive gotten as far as I can get on Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. My Father Gerald Russell Hodges 1939--, Grandfather Fred Hodges 1901-1976,
Great Grandfather John Hardesty(Hardy)Hodges 1875-1959
Great Great Grandfather John Allen Hodges 1846-1920
Great Great Great Grandfather James Hodges ant 1800.
I do know that my family was at various times in Georgia (Dooley county), Florida (Holmes county) and Alabama. Again any help learning more and furthering my education on my paternal family tree will be greatly appreciated.

Hodges Descendant from Michigan

My grandmother was Laura Ellen Hodges (1873-1931), daughter of Abraham Hodges (1837-1923), son of John Hodges (1776 in England-1856 in Detroit, Michigan)

I would be interested in exchanging messages with anyone else from this particular line.

Charlie Hodges and Roseanna Lowrey

Looking for information on this couple from Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. Charlie's mother was Jennie Crocker Hodges daughter of John L. Crocker.

Grants Pass Reltives

I was wondering if I have any relatives in Grats Pass. My grandma,s maiden name is Ethel Grace Hodge. She had 10 siblings. Who's names includ


Found this today

Thomas Daniel Hodges

Thomas Daniel Hodges was My father , I am Michael Ted Hodges born in Grantspass Oregon . Do any of you have family in Grantspass Oregon?

Thomas Daniel Hodges Was Born in Lebanon Oregon 12/31/27
I will try and get more info this weekend .

Christopher Branch

This is my understanding to date:

According to Southside Virginia Families Vol 2, Anne Branch ( daughter of George Branch and granddaughter of Christopher Branch) married Robert Hodges. According to John Harrell in his Hodges History, my 2nd ggf, Floyd Lemuel Hodges, was a descendant of this Robert Hodges.

Christopher Branch married Mary Addie
George Branch married Anne England
Anne Branch married Robert Hodges
John Hodges (died 1761) married Patience Joyner
Howell Hodges (DAR # 131350) married Elizabeth Cherry
Lemuel Hodges married Rebecca Blackshear
Lemuel Hodges married Vincy Martin
Floyd Hodges married Mary Ann Rebecca Whiddon
Margaret Susan Hodges married James Alexander Yance (great grandparents of Rex Yance)

According to The Royal Descents of 600 Immigrants (page 507) by Gary Boyd Roberts, Christopher Branch married to Mary Addie was a descendant of Henry I and was an ancestor of President Thomas Jefferson.

.1 Henry I King of England 1068 - 1135

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