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Hodges Genealogy
The online meeting place for the Hodges family.

Hodges record?

Age 99 and 103, married 78 years.

Photo by Don Atwell
Asbury-Center Cemetery
Metcalfe County
Kentucky, USA

Arkansas trip photos

Some of the better photos I took when I was in Arkansas for the family reunion

Video footage from the reunion

I've nearly finished editing the video I took in Arkansas a few weeks ago at the reunion.

I will be burning DVDs for as many people as I can - those who wrote their addresses down at the reunion and who I think might want a copy of it. This will take a bit of time but I can see having it done in a few weeks time.

If, after a month or two you have not received a copy and would like one, you can send me an email (check my profile on here for that information) with your name and mailing address, and I will send a DVD as soon as possible.

The DVD will consist of two chapters - one is footage taken at DeGray Lake, and the other is stuff I filmed at Holly Wilson's house. I did shoot some video at the cemetary. However, that will not fit on the disc with everything else. For now I will only be sending a second DVD with that stuff to us "kids."

Though I shot it in HD, I will be making normal DVDs since 1) That's what most people still have and 2) I don't have a Blu-Ray disc burner yet, and you can't put HD video on a regular DVD. Still, it should look better than typical home video.

Phillip Hodges

More on Elias and Benjamin

In 1762, there was a tax in Pitt County; "Ellis" is in the tax list as one adult (16+) free male, and six slaves. His son Benjamin was likely by this date already dead. The Hodges entries in the 1672 Pitt tax are:

Ellis Hodges, 1 free male 16+ ; 6 slaves
Henry Hodges, 1 free male 16+ ; 4 slaves
John Hodges, 1 free male 16+ ; 1 slave
John Hodges, Senr., also in household: Howell Hodges Couns. [Constable?], 2 free males 16+ ; 4 slaves
Mathew Hodges, 1 free male 16+
Robert Hodges, also in household: Arthur Holdon; 2 free males 16+; 3 slaves

Catherine Hodges widow of Benjamin had her own plantation, which was given by Elias to Benjamin son of Benjamin in 1758. So this younger Benjamin must have been 21 by that date, in order to own property. I don't know why he is not in the tax list. Catherine would not have been mentioned in this tax list, which only listed males of military age.

Dated 15 Nov 1762, Elias Hodges | patents 200 acres in Pitt County on the East side of Bear Creek swamp, joining Nathan Godley, James Manker (?), Bear Creek Swamp, and the swamp at Bear Creek bridge on the County Road, recorded patent book 15, pg 446.
This is south of Tarr River (also known as Pamlico), while all Elias land before this is north of it.

By May of 1763 Catherine was dead, Elias was administrator of her estate.

(A Francis Parker of Edgecombe county left a will dated 26 Apr 1746, probated Aug '57, (listed in Abstract of North Carolina Wills, by Grimes, page 278.) mentioning a daughter Catherine Hodges.)
Dated 1 Jul 1763, Elias Hodges sells to Henry Hodges | 150 acres for £30. adjoining Thos. Pilkinton, John Hodges, and Richard Smith. Former owner: Seth Pilkinton, patented in 1740. Wit.: Matthew Hodges, John Cherry, recorded Pitt book B, page 494.

Land Transactions in Pitt 1740- Benjamin and his heirs

We have Richard, Elias, and John (brother of Elias) each owning land in Pitt County. Elias had a son Benjamin, who died before he did, leaving minor children of whom, presumably, their grandfather Elias became trustee. Elias himself died, with the children still minors, and in 1767, a William Watkins was confirmed as administrator of the estate of Benjamin Hodges, with Robert Salter and John Hardee as securities.

Benjamin patented in 1745 along Grindal. In 1772, Eleazar Hodges, son of Benjamin, sells Benjamin's '45 patent. In 1768, Eleazar sold land owned by Elias Hodges, and is identified as the heir of Elias. So Eleazar was probably the son of Benjamin, who was the son of Elias. In 1762, Elias is administrator of Catherine Hodges estate, and Catherine was probably the wife of Benjamin; that Benjamin was not administrator himself suggests he had died before this date, that is in or before 1762. (He is also not in a 1762 tax list). Here are the details on Benjamin's 1745 patent.

Dated 6 Apr 1745, recorded Patent Bk.5 pg.289, Benjamin Hodges patents 300 acres in Beaufort County on the North side of Pamplico river, joining Simon Jones, the river Pocoson, Grindal creek, and Snoad’s line.

Simon Jones patent is 11 Nov 1743; I don't know about Snoad. Elias bought this patent;

Dated 9 Jun 1747, Simon Jones sells to Elias Hodges, 200 Ac. for £21 procl; [this is a kind of money, I guess] Witn: Wy: Ormond, John Forbes, recorded Beaufort Bk 2 pg 498; land described as where the said Elias Hodges now lives; beginning at a pine standing? NS Pamplico river pocoson, runing N17E,199 Poles to a gum on Grindall Creek, then 308 Poles along the meanders of the creek to a pine, thence N75W, 180 Poles to the first station; land pat. by sd. Simon Jones 11 Nov 1743

Conflicts, what to believe?

All taken from page 1 of a World Connect search; 6 fathers and 4 mothers but at least he has the same wife every time:

ID: I208
Name: Howell HODGES
Sex: M
Father: Richard HODGES b: ABT 1700 in England ? c: 1741 in Received land grant in Beaufort County, NC.
Mother: SARAH b: 1700 in Bertie County, NC

ID: I05859
Name: Howell HODGES
Sex: M
Death: 1780
Father: John HODGES b: ABT 1693 in Isle of Wright County, Virginia
Mother: Patience JOYNER b: 1724
Marriage 1 Elizabeth CHERRY
Patience HODGES b: 24 Nov 1763

ID: I11344
Name: Howell HODGES
Sex: M
Event: One source cites birth data of abt 1742, Pitt County, NC. Same source cites birthdate of 1st child as just 9 years later! Fact 1
Event: 538747587 OneGreatFamily#
Death: JAN 1781 in NC, Pitt County
Father: Robert HODGES III b: ABT 1733
Mother: Elizabeth HAM
Marriage 1 Elizabeth CHERRY b: BEF 1726 in NC, Pitt County
Benjamin HODGES b: BEF 1770
Patience HODGES b: BET 12 NOV 1763 AND 12 NOV 1765 in NC, Pitt County
John HODGES b: ABT 1775

ID: I05860
Name: Howell Hodges
Sex: M
Birth: 14 OCT 1785
Father: Edmund Hodges b: 04 FEB 1765
Mother: Patience Hodges b: 24 NOV 1763

ID: I00489
Name: Howell Hodges
Sex: M
Birth: 1740
Title: Patroller
Death: 1799
Father: John Hodges Sr. b: 1693
Mother: Patience Joyner
Marriage 1 Elizabeth Cherry b: 1726 in Pitt, North Carolina, USA
Married: 1755
Lemuel Hodges Sr. b: 1770 in Pitt, North Carolina, USA
Benjamin Hodges
John Hodges

Land Transactions in what became Pitt County, NC

In 1739, the land which would become Pitt County, NC, was part of Beaufort County. The first land transaction involving Hodges (that we know of, deed book one is missing) is found in Beaufort deed book 2.

Dated 11 Mar 1740, Seth Pilkington (selling land he had patented 14 Feb 1739) sold to Elias Hodges, planter, 320 Ac. for £400; Witnesses was: Roger Jones, recorded Beau Bk II pg 362 : Begining at a red oak on Tranter's Creek, a corner tree of Richard Smith's, runing various courses up the creek, to the mouth of white oak branch, then up the branch to a red oak standing in Thomas Pilkingtons line, then west up the said line 300 pole to a red oak on Grindal Creek, the said Thomas Pilkingtons corner tree, then various courses down the creek to a pine, Richard Smith's corner tree, then N 18 E, 1440 Pole up said Smith's line to the first Station. containing by estimation five hundred and twenty acres.
Tranter's Creek and Grindal Creek are still marked on the map, and a large brance of Tranter's which must be White Oak Branch.

Robert Hogges of the 1740 Bertie Will had sons Elias, Richard, and John. The next transaction in Beaufort involves Richard.
Dated 12 Dec 1741, Richard Holland, taylor sells to Richard Hodges, planter, 110 Ac. for £180; Adj: Thomas Williams; Witn. were Thomas Little, Samuel Bundey?, recorded Beaufort Bk II pg 388; North side of Pamlico River, North Side of Tranters creek.

Will of Robert Hogges, 1740, Bertie County, N.C.

I suppose members of this forum will be familiar with this will, which is with considerable certainty the will of the ancestor of Howell Hodges. In any case, here is the text. - William A Hodges

Will of Robert Hogges, 1740, Bertie County, N.C.
In the name of God amen this thirty day of Mar 1740 I Robert Hogges of the county of Bartie being in good health and perfect _____ and memory thanks be given to my God theirfore and calling? to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to dye do make and ordain this my last will and testiment that is to say principally and first of all I given and recommend my soul into the hands of God that gavest and my body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in descent Cristion burial at the descretion of my Executors not doubting? but at the General Resurrection I shall recover? the same again by the might power of God.

And as fouschon? such worthy Estate whsorwith? it hath pleased God to bless and this life I give demise? and despose of the same in the following manner and form---

Imprimis I give and bequeath to my loving wife one negro girl name jane to hur and hur one desposal.

I give and bequeath to my son Elias Hogges one negro man named Peter--

Item - I give and bequeath to my two sons John and Richard Hogges one negro man named Dick between them and to my son John Hogges the plantation and land in Virginia that he now lives upon to him and his heirs forever.

And to my son Richard Hogges a plantation and land in Bartie Co in Unarow Meadows where he now lives to him and his heirs forever.

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