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Hodges Genealogy
The online meeting place for the Hodges family.

Robert Hodges and Catherine (Lane) Hodges

I'm trying to find information on which branch my Hodges may be linked to, if any...

Robert Hodges (GGgf) b 1841, Limerick Ireland,
Catherine Lane? (GGgm) b 1844, Limerick Ireland, m Shanagolden? 1872?
1 Thomas b 1873, Kerry Ireland, (have lost track of this child), emigrated to New Zealand 1873,
2 Catherine Gertrude b 1875, Milton New Zealand, d 1903 South Australia 27 yrs,
3 William b 1877, Milton New Zealand, (have lost track of this child),
4 Robert Laurence (Ggf) b 1879, Milton New Zealand, d 1938 South Australia, m Mary Ann Catherine Strachan, 1904, South Australia,
a Catherine Gertrude, b 1907 South Australia, d 1907 South Australia,
b Robert Laurence (gf)b 1909 South Australia, d 1973 Fremantle, Western Australia,,
c Walter Campbell, b 1910 South Australia, d 1966 South Australia,
d Mary, b 1913 South Australia, d 1914 South Australia,
e Ellen Mavis, b 1915 South Australia, d 1916 South Australia,
5 John b 1882 South Australia, d 1883 South Australia,

James B and Minnie Hodges.

I am searching for information on James B Hodges and Minnie B Hodges. The daughter of these was Dura Belle Hodges Daniel. They were from the Tallapoosa/Randolph County areas. James and Minnie were born abt 1860. Dura was born abt 1889. Dura married John Daniel. John died in 1933. Dura died in 1959.

I have had no luck in locating these Hodges and am at a dead end. If anyone has information for me it would be greatly appreciated.

I am also courious if it is possible that there is some Indian here.

Trying to locate my Hodges branch

Trying to locate my g-grandfather, whose name may have been Alfred, born in Petersburgh, Ga. My grandfather was a Wesley Hodges who was born in December 1863, supposedly in Georgia. He was married to a Lelia Deloach (pronounciation questionable). They had two living sons that I know of: Dewey, born March 1895-1898, and James, born March 1900.

As we are a biracial mix, it is really difficult to locate anything concrete, due to slavery. If anyone can provide any information, I would be appreciative. Alfred died and my g-grandmother remarried, possibly to a Thomas Hodges? Who knows...

Thanks for your help.


This popular legislator was born in Sugar Loaf county, Choctaw Nation, in 1850,the son of Joseph Hodges, a white man, and Cebelle Wall, of the Koonchas and Imoklusha's. In 1868, in his eighteenth year, he was elected county judge of Bok-tuk-kal'o county, and two years afterward filling the unexpired term of circuit judge. This was followed by his appointment as revenue collector and succeeded by that of circuit clerk. In 1882 he creditably filled an unexpired term in the Council, and in 1883 was elected inspector of revenues. Before the lapse of two years he was elected to the House, and re elected four years in succession, in 1888 he went to the Senate with a large majority, and the following year was chief commissioner of the Net Proceeds Claim, nearly one million of money passing through his hands during the distribution. In 1890 he was once more elected member of the Lower House. On the adoption of the freedmen in 1885, the subject of this sketch was one of the commissioners.

D.W. Hodges

D.W. Hodges

This gentleman was born in Towsen county, Choctaw Nation, in 1859, the son of Joseph Hodges, a white man, and Cebelle Wall, a Choctaw of the Koonchas and Imok-lu-shas. In 1868 he went to school at Wheelock and left there in 1874, after which he assisted his father until 1879, when he embarked in the cattle business in Atoka county (first on a small scale) and afterward in creasing until he sold out in 1884, and purchased half interest in his brother's mercantile business at Lehigh.

John W. Hodges

I am looking for more info on John w. Hodges. He is my great great grandfather. I know he was married to Esther hodges not sure of her madien name. They had a daughter named Grace Ellen Hodges. I know he was a Choctaw Indian and has a roll number. Any information would be great please and thank you.

I would love to add more to the Hodges genealogy, but unfortunately, I know little. Leona Hodges was my great-grandmother. Her father, Dr. Andrew Elton Hodges, and his father, Elbert Hodges, are fairly well pinned down, but I am having trouble finding any good documentation beyond there.

Hargrove 67 Marker YDNA Test proven to be Hodge/Hodges

My name is Larry Burke Hargrove, my wife Sandi has been doing family genealogy for 30+ years. We have been a member of Ancestry since they began. We have a pretty good documented paper trail of the Hargrave/Hargrove Family back to Yorkshire, England. I was totally ignorant of how genetic genealogy could be useful so when Ancestry offered all members the Autosomal DNA Test, I thought it might be useful in identifying some family on my mother’s side (Barclay/Barkley). I took the test and when my results were posted there were “0” matches with any Hargrave/Hargrove names!. I waited for two more months with still no matches. I was really unhappy because I know that some Hargrove somewhere had to have been tested. I called the Ancestry DNA folks(they were very nice & helpful) and they looked at my results and very politely told me that I should look at clusters of the same surname, there were no definite matches so my first thought was they got the test wrong.

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