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Hodges Genealogy
The online meeting place for the Hodges family.

Hodges from Missouri

I'm trying to trace my family line, and so far it lead to Great Grand Parents John S. Hodges and Rebbica McFadden married in 1894.   Anyone with more info that can help, it will be greatly appreciate. 

Dan Hodges

I'm from Canada but my roots are from Wales/ England

Ok here it go's

My Grandfathers Panters

George William Hodges

B: Nov.16, 1882 in Wrexham Englad

d: 1968, in Springhill, N.S. Canada


Mary Alice Howarth

B: July 30, 1881 in England

d:1948, in Springhill N.S. Canada

They lived in Bolton, England before emigrated to Canada

There son George was born Aug.17 1910 in Bolton, England

And Margaret ??????


George Hodges

b: 1846, in Osweslry, Slnopsluie, England


m: 1875, in Domgary, Osweslry Whittington

Sarah Humphries ( my mom's 3th great-grandmother )

b: 1811, in Wrexham, Wales

d: in Wrexham, Wales


Sarah Griffiths ( Evans )

b: 1855 in Guilsfield, Montgomery shire, Mid-Wales, U.K.

d: ?????


Richard Hodges

b : 1785

d: ????

m: 1808


Mom's Great- grand Parents

Sarah Griffiths

George Hodges


Looking for any Hodges from Canada

Ok heres some stuff I've found from Canada, maybe relited to someone out there

On the Titanic with 1200 souls

There was a man on there by the name of

Mr. Henry Price Hodges, age 50, a musical instruments vendor from Highfield Lane, Southampton, Endland. He was a second class passenger. He held ticket # 250643, price E13.

Mr Hodges died in the sinking. His body was recovered by the MacKay Bennett ( # 149)

He had a few things on him, card case, E40 in notes, gold ring, 4 gold studs, gold watch and chain, gun metal watch, gold charm, pocket knife, 7s. in siver, E5 in gold.

His Body is now buried at Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia on May 10 1912.

He had 2 Travelling Companions:

Mrs.Ada Julia Doling

Miss Elsie Doling

***  Henry Wife passed away April 1938 (name unknow)

Thank you for takeing the time to read this 

For this is someones family and they now can add it to there tree 

Hodges who came to Canada

This is my mothers side of the family " Hodges "

Albert Hodges was my grandfather, who was born on Aug. 28, 1914. Pass away in  1978

Gramps family came from Wales, U.K.

His parents were George Hodges, Mary Hawarth

DESPERATE! Joseph Samuel Hodges Tulsa, OK

Jospeh Samuel Hodges born 1919 died 1984. Son of Joseph Edward (?) Hodges and Bertha (maiden unknown). I only met my Grandpa one time because my father was told his Dad had passed away when he was only 2 yrs old...he didn't. We met for Christmas in 1983 and he passed the following April. I know nothing about this side of my family and I'm desperate! Grandpa Joe died in Tulsa, OK as did his only living sister at the time, Midred Gilger who died in 1998 in Tulsa. I was told they came from Missouri to Oklahoma at some point. If ANYONE has ANY info on this line PLZ PLZ PLZ contact me. Thank you so much.

Deb Hodges-Cowans


Surry County, NC Hodges Family

William Hodges m Tabitha Gentry

     Giles Hodges b. 1803  m Sally Childress

           Giles Jackson Hodges  b 1832 (Surry Co., NC) m Barthena Burchfiel

                                                                                         m Rachel Curtis of Virginia

Rebecca Blackshear

Rebecca Blackshear was not the wife of Lemuel Hodges as I had first thought.

Edmund Hodges of Surry County, North Carolina. Moved to Indiana in 1835, then to Missouri, next Arkansas and finally Okla

Edmund Hodges was born in 1776 in Surry County, North Carolina.  He married Elizabeth Robinson between 1800 and 1805.  They had many children, one of which was Edmund Jr.  In 1835 the entire family moved to Indiana.  Daniel Hodges was born in 1832. In 1860 the family moved to Mill Creek Twp in Missouri. They donated land for the Mt. Carmel Church and many family members are buried there.  Daniel Hodges married Eliza Hodges while he resided in Indiana.  He married twice more in Arkansas.  The second wife was Martha Ferguson and his third wife was her sister Nancy.  Daniel and Nancy and their family moved to Earlsboro, Oklahoma in 1900. One of their sons was named Joseph Grant Hodges who is my grandfather.  Any information you have on this line would be appreciated. I have a quite a bit of information posted on Ancestry with documents and photos.

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