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Hodges Genealogy


hey my name is samantha. i was born in mccormick south carolina. i am the daughter or jody hodges. the grand daughter of james william hodges jr and the great grand daughter of benjamin franklin hodges sr. i need to know my great great grandfather and mothers names. i do know i have family in abbyville south carolina. and i have a female aunt of full cherokee blood. i believe she was alive in the early 1800s. on the tree above my grand father no siblings and dates are known. can anyone help?????

B. F. Hodges

My Great Grandfather's name was Benjamin Franklin Hodges... Here is a link to our family

Hi and welcome.Can you tell

Hi and welcome.

Can you tell me more about your grandparents? Full names, dates etc?


my papa buddy was named james

my papa buddy was named james william hodges sr. born october 11 sometime in the 30's died june 4 1996. he married my nannie leah may glidden on august 4.