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Hodges Genealogy

HODGES: Goochland Co., Virginia

Hodges' are my 1st cousins and I am researching their family history. The line goes as follows:

Elbert N. Hodges & Ethel C. Sprouse

     Willliam or Willard W. Hodges & Willie C. Clements or Clemmons

          Jesse Hodges & Sarah E. Parrish

All are from Lickin Hole, Goochland Co., VA

This is as far as I can go. Anyone with info, please email me:



Update: Hodges Family of Goochland Co., VA

Elbert Newton Hodges Sr & Ethel Clara Sprouse
Willard Winfred Hodges & Willie Columbia Clemons
William Jesse Hodges & Sarah Ellen Parrish
Jessie Hodges & Lucy A.M. Allen

Information taken from census records & direct family connections.

Thanks for the hints Brian,

Thanks for the hints Brian, but most of those trees are mine. I have a subscription to ancestry. However, there was one new tree and I got a little info from that one.

Is this your

Is this your Elbert?

I've made many family connections seeing who is buried in the same cemeteries.

This looks like your Elbert

This looks like your Elbert but I no longer have an account there.