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Hodges Genealogy

Meshack Hodge, does anyone know who his father was?

I know this subject has been beaten to death. I've certainly hit a wall with it. But, I'm determined to get as much information about this as I can. Even if we can't figure out who Meshack's (born about 1776) father was...can we figure out where this family-line originated from? When they came to the United States, and where from?

Meshack lived at least for awhile in Kentucky. You can find him on land records.
Meshack had a son named Drury or Drew Hodge who was born in 1787, and that lineage trickles down to me. :)

Can anyone help me?

So appreciative,

Welcome Emily. By those dates

Welcome Emily. By those dates he would have been 11 when he fathered his son?

Yes, that seems really weird

Yes, that seems really weird to me too - and so I'm not sure if that's correct, but it seems to be the only birth date out there for him. Really he's a ghost except for a few land documents in Kentucky and getting in trouble with the law a little. No birth or death date that I can find anywhere. Obviously this could quite possibly not even be my guy, but I can't prove anything until I can find out more.

There are several people of

There are several people of that line that have been DNA tested. The theory that he is descended from Robert Hodges is wrong because I am and we are not a match. If you have a male Hodge willing to test you could find out for sure if that is your line.

Thank You

Thank You, I have been thinking pretty strongly of doing that. Hodge is my married name, so my husband is Hodge bloodline. Is this a community of descendants of Robert Hodge?

We are from all lines, it

We are from all lines, it just happens mine is Roberts and I tend to post most about my line.


Great! I appreciate your help and input. I think heritage is such an amazing thing and something to be proud of. At once we are all unique, yet all connected. Once we do the DNA thing, is there a way to find out which lines come from where?

You will be told which people

You will be told which people you likely match from others who have been tested and you can compare notes with them to try and figure that out. People from my line (Haplogroup R1b - Lineage III) trace their roots to VA, TN and the West Indies of all places and as far back as the 1640's. So far we don't know who connects us.