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Hodges Genealogy

Brantley Hodges Descendant

Brantley Hodges - 10 children
Henry Stephen Hodges - 10 children
Frances Adelle Hodges (Married O. C. Rice) - 1 child (can u believe it?)
Carolyn Rice (my Mother)
John C Williams (Me)

It has always made me laugh to think that my Grandmother Adelle (Sally), who came from such a large family would have just ONE child. Thank Heavens she had the one! lol

Pleasure to meet you cousin.

Pleasure to meet you cousin. Up until your post I didn't know your Grandmothers first name was Francis. DO you know where she is buried?

Burial Site

The pleasure is all mine to meet my 3rd cousin. Well, Family Tree Maker says that's what you are lol. She would be your 1st cousin twice removed. I need to sit down to try and understand how to figure the cousins. 2nd Cousin Twice removed and so on.

She never went by her first name. Ever! Her friends new her as Sally. Adelle Hodges is buried at Bayview Memorial Park in Pensacola, Florida. Located right across the road from the bluffs overlooking the Eastern Bay of Pensacola. It was a sad day for all of us. I was more than blessed to be one of her pallbearers as were my two older brothers.

She was an old fashioned county girl from Friendship Arkansas. She could cook like nobody's business! Grew up on a farm like most folk did back then. Her first taste of "Beef" came just after she was married. Before then she only knew pigs, chickens and the like. After Granddad passed away I never knew her to eat beef again. She made the best pork roast I ever had and she would often cook one up just for us "Newlyweds". My wife and I were married in November '87 (just celebrated our 25th, yeehaw) and were spoiled rotten by Grandmother until she passed just a short time latter. An amazing woman!

I would have liked to have

I would have liked to have known her, I am also from the Friendship area. I added her memorial to so she has been joined with her parents now.

Thank you

That was very kind of you to do that. Thank you VERY much. Perhaps I will join findagrave and upload a few pics.

Thanks again cousin!

That would be great.

That would be great.