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Hodges Genealogy

Burrell Hodges of DeKalb County, TN

I have been trying to connect Abner Hodges to Burrell Hodges who married Rachel Matilda or Castilda Capshaw. Several family histories make the connection, but I cannot find definite proof. Burrell and his descendants are in the DeKalb Co TN census from the early 1800's. I have found what I believe to be two Burrell Hodges in this family (if indeed Abner is father of my Burrell) of about the same age---one ca 1800 in VA and one ca 1819 in DeKalb Co TN. I do not believe they are the same man. I would love to hear from anyone from this line or anyone who has information about Burrell. My line from there goes:

Burrell Hodges (ca 1819-LIV in 1900c DeKalb Co TN)
John Robert Hodges (1848-1927) Buried in Potter Cem, McMinnville,Warren Co TN
John Milton Hodges (1876-1966) Buried in Riverside Cemetery, McMinnville, Warren Co TN
William Austin Hodge (1912-1979) Buried Shellsford Cemetery, Warren Co, TN (my father)

1900 USC DeKalb Co TN, Civil District 6, June 28, 1900, printed page 164-A-B
Hodges, Burl, Head, wm, May 1819, 81, wd., TN VA TN
Sarah J., dau, wf, Mar 1845, 55, single, TN TN NC
Samantha M. M., dau, wf, Mar 1832, 48, single, TN TN NC
Hodges, William A, Gr-son, wm, Aug 1877, 22, single, TN TN TN

DeKalb Co., TN -Court Minute Book 1838-1849 - July Term 1840. Ordered by court that LAMUEL WALKER be appointed overseer of the road from THOMAS FISHER to the Turkey Branch in the place of WILLIAM J. C. CANTRELL, and have the following hands: MEDLIN DURHAM, CLEVELAND CANTRELL, BURRELL HODGE, WILLIAM ALLEN, JESSE RANKHORN, JAVIEL ADCOCK, WILLIAM TACKWELL, THOMAS ADCOCK, JOHN TRAMEL, JAMEY WALKER, GEORGE WALKER, JOHN CANTRELL, HENRY TAYLOR and P. TAYLOR.

U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
Name: Burrell Hodges
Gender: male
Birth Place: TN
Birth Year: 1818
Spouse Name: Castilda Capshaw
Birth Place: NC
Spouse Birth Year: 1814

Welcome Bettie. Your father

Welcome Bettie. Your father dropped the s?

Welcome Bettie. Your Father

Thank you, Brian. Yes, for some reason he dropped the s. Also, one of his brothers, off & on, dropped the s. Don't know why. There is another family near Dibrell, TN, that dropped the s, but as far as I can determine they are not in my line. I worked with one of them years ago, and we could never find a connection. His name was Jim Hodge---don't remember if it was James, but probably.

What can you tell me about

What can you tell me about Abner?

What can you tell me about

I know Abner Hodges was in the White Co TN census in 1820 and 1830. Deeds, land records, wills, court proceedings, would be the only solid records, and in White County that is difficult to research. I have visited the Hodges Cemetery and remember the tent graves with the new markers saying they were the gravesites of Abner and his wife Sarah Agness Brock. There were several unmaked graves in the old section of the cememtery. If I find anything, I will certainly post it.

Do you think he might be your ancestor?

Of course the Robert Burrell

Of course the Robert Burrell (b 1800) mentioned by some as Abner's first son could not be your Burrell.

Not related to me that I know

Not related to me that I know of. Burrell (Burl/Burel) is a hard man to track. I saw mention of a Burwell Hodges who witnessed a deed in Va for Abner circa 1817 but that can't be him. Records say he was born in Tenn and a bio I read says Abner arrived in Tenn around the beginning of the 1800's. I've not seen anything that shows them to be connected yet though.
Abner's son William was born in 1817 so Burrell would have been next. William is buried with his father but apparently not Burrell. There is also a James P. Hodges buried there born early 1819, I'm thinking a son of Abner? I guess Burrell could have been been squeezed in during 1818.

Burwell Hodges

Actually, there may have been two Burwell Hodges. I do not know if from the same family, but one shows up later in the Texas census. I remember the VA deed witnessed by Burwell Hodges, but it would have been someone old enough to have been at 21 at the time, and the one born in 1800 would not be more than 17. My Burrell would have been a namesake, at best, of these two Burwell's. The spelling of the name depend somewhat on the education of the census taker, especially if the person being recorded was not educated---which is another reason I doublt Burrell to be a son of Abner. His family all seem to be educated.

If there were a male from

If there were a male from your line willing to do the family dna thing I would highly recommend it.

I have two sons . . . would

I have two sons . . . would that work?

No sorry. A male Hodge cousin

No sorry. A male Hodge cousin would.

Just girls.

Just girls.