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Hodges Genealogy

Daddy born 1932 adopted 1935 adoption and birth cover up Still searching for fathers biological family in Decatur County Georgia

Okay, for 9 years now I have been searching and trying to find my fathers biological parents. Much to my surprise, I have been told by 4 different reliable sources that my fathers birth was there at his home and made to look like an adoption and that his adopted father was his real father after all and that his mother who may still be living by the way was a young 16 or 17 year old girl who was a close friend of the family so to protect her reputation and the fathers, they made it look like an adoption. This could have been a surrogacy type situation which was probably not easily accepted back then seeing how my grandparents were in their 40's when this occured and have never been able to have children of their own. I love my daddys parents regardless if they are the biological parents or the adoptive parents,they loved and spoiled my father and he had the best childhood any little boy could dream of. i just have an unending curiousity to find out for sure. Without having proper documentation I cant prove what the four people said is true and out of respect for all parties I dont want to divulge any names because of that until I have proof. This is kind of a request to see if anyone out there knows of this and could give me any additinal information or proof. The Florida and Georgia vital statistics show no record of his birth and the Decatur County Courthouse was where the adoption was recorded in which the minutes state they do not wish to divulge the names of the mother or father. One person said that my father was born right there in his own home in Amsterdam Georgia. Please contact me at if you know any other information, thank you!

Hi Katie, welcome. Without

Hi Katie, welcome. Without names or dates there isn't much I can do as far as research. If you have a brother a simple DNA test will tell you if your father is a Hodges.
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