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Hodges Genealogy

Robert Hodges and Catherine (Lane) Hodges

I'm trying to find information on which branch my Hodges may be linked to, if any...

Robert Hodges (GGgf) b 1841, Limerick Ireland,
Catherine Lane? (GGgm) b 1844, Limerick Ireland, m Shanagolden? 1872?
1 Thomas b 1873, Kerry Ireland, (have lost track of this child), emigrated to New Zealand 1873,
2 Catherine Gertrude b 1875, Milton New Zealand, d 1903 South Australia 27 yrs,
3 William b 1877, Milton New Zealand, (have lost track of this child),
4 Robert Laurence (Ggf) b 1879, Milton New Zealand, d 1938 South Australia, m Mary Ann Catherine Strachan, 1904, South Australia,
a Catherine Gertrude, b 1907 South Australia, d 1907 South Australia,
b Robert Laurence (gf)b 1909 South Australia, d 1973 Fremantle, Western Australia,,
c Walter Campbell, b 1910 South Australia, d 1966 South Australia,
d Mary, b 1913 South Australia, d 1914 South Australia,
e Ellen Mavis, b 1915 South Australia, d 1916 South Australia,
5 John b 1882 South Australia, d 1883 South Australia,
6 Mary Agnes b 1885 South Australia, d 1889 South Australia.

This all the information I have on the Hodges line plus I have additional info from my gf's line to me..... But what I don't have is anything from Robert and Catherine Snr, in Ireland and any family members before them, I am also looking for any siblings for them as well.
THIS IS MY BRICKWALL. I'm hoping someone/anyone will recognise this family and see if we belong somewhere down the line...... :-)

All of my searching has been

All of my searching has been in the US and frankly wouldn't know where to start.

Robert Hodges and Catherine (Lane) Hodges

Hi Brian,
Thanks for getting back, do you know if this line maybe from America or such or a different line altogether? Do you anyone who would be able to help me in any direction please?
Cheers Linda

My best guess is that they

My best guess is that they are from England. People didn't tend to move FROM the US back then.