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Hodges Genealogy

Green County Hodges Family

My grandmother was Annie Newell Hodges b. Apr.7, 1893 d. Mar. 2, 1990. She was the first person from Green County, KY to graduate from the University of KY. During WWI, she went to Washington, DC to help in the war effort, she was a clerk, but had top secret clearance, and translated German. While there she was a suffragette, and marched for the right to vote. At 35 she married William James Ashbrook and they had two children who both became doctors. Her father was James Carter Hodges b.9 Sept. 1861, d. 20 March 1933. He married Alice B. Hayden of Marion Co., KY. James C. Hodges father was Thomas P. Hodges, MD, his father was Samuel Harvey Hadges.

I have a copy of the family bible, and the family homestead, that was Thomas P.'s wife's (Catherine Francis Carter) family farm is still in the family. This line of Hodges is related by marriage to Elizabeth Washington Lewis of Adair Co., KY, George Washington's sister.

Your line is called Lineage

Your line is called Lineage 1, mine is VII. You can find your family listed here along with some email addresses of people from your line you should contact.
About 1/4 of the Hodges who have been DNA tested are from Lineage I and are related to you.

Samuel Harvey Hodges

I have a good deal of info in Samuel, I am trying to figure out which William Welcome Hodges his grandfather is.

His father was William W.,

His father was William W., his grandfather was Welcome William Hodges who died in Goochland Co. VA in 1772. His grandmother was Anne Turner. I'm not an expert on that line but Ron Hodges is and that info came from him.